Annual Events Celebrated Throughout the Year on the Island of Capri

Many types of annual events are celebrated on the island of Capri throughout the year, offering tourists the opportunity to enjoy these special occasions. The majority of these events and festivals take place during the late summer months. Additionally, the island embraces the festive spirit of major holidays celebrated worldwide, along with numerous local events that occur throughout the year. Travelers exploring Capri may want to consider attending these events during their visit.

Remarkable Annual Events in Capri:

The Celebration of the Festival of San Costanzo: Every year on May 14th, the island of Capri honors its patron saint, San Costanzo, with festivities held throughout the entire island.

The Celebration of the Festival of Sant’Antonio: On June 13th, the town of Anacapri celebrates its patron saint, Sant’Antonio, with a grand festival.

International Folklore Festival: In the first week of August, Anacapri hosts the International Folklore Festival, featuring local traditional music and folk dancing in its squares.

The Celebration of Settembrata Anacaprese: This September festival celebrates the grape harvest, which is a significant crop on the island. The ten-day celebration includes shows, competitions, and games, making it one of Capri’s most anticipated annual events.

The Capri International Film Festival: Since 1995, Capri has been hosting an international film festival dedicated to cinema. The festival takes place in late December or early January, attracting artists from Italy, Hollywood, and independent filmmakers eager to showcase their work in this exclusive location.

The Celebration of the Capri Tango Festival: Since 2007, the Capri Tango Festival has been held annually in June, bringing the passion of tango to the island.

The Capri Art Film Festival: Since 2006, the Capri Art Film Festival has been observed every April, showcasing the best in art-related cinema.

Capri Yacht Week: Capri Yacht Week takes place every year in August, attracting sailors from around the world to enjoy the stunning Mediterranean scenery and thrilling competition.

Capri Food Festival: Held in September, the Capri Food Festival showcases the island’s gastronomic delights and traditional cuisine. Visitors have the opportunity to sample local delicacies and explore the rich culinary heritage of Capri.

Capri Jazz Festival: The Capri Jazz Festival, held annually in September, brings together international jazz musicians for unforgettable music experiences amidst the island’s breathtaking landscapes.

Capri Fashion Week: This fashion week takes place in spring, featuring local designers and international fashion brands. The event includes fashion shows, exhibitions, and various fashion-related activities.

Easter celebrations and Christmas Day festivities are also highly popular in Capri, enjoyed by both locals and tourists. Additionally, Independence Day is commemorated with a large festival in nearby Anacapri, paying tribute to the town’s patron saint. From April until late summer, Capri truly comes alive with cultural activities, including evening concerts in the squares and the magnificent villas built by Tiberius. Visitors can also explore painting and sculpture exhibitions, as well as enjoy plays and dance performances scattered throughout the island.

When traveling in Capri, it is important for tourists to take certain precautions. Some trails may have cacti, prickly pears, bees, as well as steep slopes and ledges, which should be approached with caution. However, hiking on Capri’s trails is generally safe. Additionally, when walking near the villas alone, it is advisable to be cautious, as some villa residents have large dogs that may roam freely along public pathways. These dogs may not be friendly to foreigners or visitors.

The annual events in Capri add an extra touch of magic and uniqueness to your journey. Capri is truly a wonderful destination that captivates tourists from all over the world!

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