Beaches on the Island of Capri

The beaches on the island of Capri may be few and small, but they offer stunning vistas and unique swimming opportunities. The rocky cliffs that line the coastline contribute to the island’s natural beauty, leaving limited space for beaches. However, Capri boasts a handful of sandy and rocky coastal areas that attract visitors from around the world. Explore the variety of beaches on Capri and find the perfect spot to soak in the beauty of the Mediterranean

  1. Marina Grande Beach Marina Grande is the main port of Capri, and it offers a free beach that is easily accessible by foot from the port. Located right behind the ferry’s ticket office, this beach is popular among locals and families. Despite its proximity to the commercial port, the water is always clean. The beach enjoys sunlight throughout the day and is busy from morning to evening. It is a kid-friendly beach, making it suitable for families. Additionally, there is a small Palazzo a Mare beach, which can be reached by following the path near the “Da Paolino” restaurant in the upper part of Marina Grande. This area is bustling with ferries, smaller boats, and various amenities.
  2. Marina Piccola Beach Marina Piccola is another beach area on Capri, located near the Scoglio delle Sirene. The two small beaches here are known for their clear water and stunning views of the Faraglioni rock formations. Although crowded, these beaches are suitable for children. Marina Piccola was historically Capri’s first port and continues to attract luxury yachts and private beach clubs. However, there are also two small, free beach areas next to Lo Scoglio delle Sirene for those on a budget. The only downside is the limited shade in the afternoon. You can reach Marina Piccola by taking the Via Mulo stairs or by bus from the center of Capri.
  3. Gradola Beach Gradola Beach is not a traditional sandy beach but rather a rocky stretch of coast located near the Blue Grotto. It offers direct access to the crystal-clear water, with ladders available for entry and exit. The beach is always clean and can be reached by taking the Grotta Azzurra bus route from the center of Anacapri.
  4. Punta Carena Beach Located at the western edge of the island, Punta Carena Beach is situated beneath the largest lighthouse in Italy, the Punta Carena Lighthouse. This beach is the only one on Capri that receives sunlight until dusk. The beach primarily consists of rocky ledges, and space is limited. However, if you prefer a more comfortable option, you can rent a sun chair inexpensively from da Antonio. Punta Carena Beach is ideal for adults, particularly for those who prefer to sleep in and enjoy a waterfront restaurant.
  5. Fontelina Beach Fontelina Beach is located below the Faraglioni rock formations and offers breathtaking views of these iconic landmarks. It is a private beach club that can be accessed by boat or by taking a picturesque coastal path from the Punta Tragara viewpoint. Fontelina is famous for its clear turquoise waters and has a restaurant that serves delicious seafood dishes.
  6. Bagni di Tiberio Beach Situated on the northeastern coast of Capri, Bagni di Tiberio Beach is named after the Roman Emperor Tiberius, who was known to have enjoyed this area. It is a pebble beach with crystal-clear waters and a tranquil atmosphere. Bagni di Tiberio offers sunbed and umbrella rentals, as well as a beachside restaurant.
  7. Marina di Puolo Although not on the main island of Capri, Marina di Puolo is a popular beach destination located on the nearby mainland, just a short distance from Sorrento. It features a long sandy beach with shallow, calm waters, making it ideal for families with children. Marina di Puolo offers beach clubs, restaurants, and water sports facilities.
  8. Faro di Punta Carena Near the Punta Carena Lighthouse, there is a small rocky beach area where you can enjoy the picturesque surroundings and the stunning sunset views. While it may not be a traditional sandy beach, it provides a peaceful and secluded spot for sunbathing and swimming in the clear blue waters.


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