Annual Events Celebrated Throughout the Year on the Island of Capri

Many types of annual events are celebrated on the island of Capri throughout the year. Tourists have the opportunity to enjoy these events. A large number of the annual events and festivals are held in Capri during the late summer months. Furthermore, all the major holidays recognized around the world bring a festive atmosphere to this area, and there are many local events in Capri going on throughout the year, which tourists might want to catch during their travels.

Remarkable Annual Events in Capri:

  • The Celebration of the Festival of San Costanzo:Every year on May 14th, the patron saint of the town on Capri Island, San Costanzo, is celebrated throughout the island.
  • The celebration of the Festival of Sant’Antonio:In the middle of each year, on June 13th, the patron saint of the town of Anacapri is celebrated with a large festival.
  • International Folklore Festival:Anacapri arranges many events in its squares, including local traditional music and folk dancing around the first week of August.
  • The Celebration of Settembrata Anacaprese:This is a grape harvest festival celebrated in September. The celebration is dedicated to the island’s main crop, which includes shows, competitions, and games. The harvest festival is a ten-day celebration and one of the best annual events in Capri.
  • The Capri International Film Festival:Annually since 1995, Capri has hosted an international festival dedicated to the cinema in late December or early January. This event helps to develop a relationship between the artists, attracts Italian artists, Hollywood stars and independent filmmakers, who are eager to present their work in this exclusive location.
  • The Celebration of the Capri Tango Festival:Every June, since 2007, The Capri Tango Festival is celebrated on this island.
  • The Capri Art Film Festival: Every April, since 2006, the Capri art film festival is observed.

Easter celebrations are also very popular in Capri and may be enjoyed by both locals and tourists. Every year, Christmas day is celebrated throughout the island. The Independence Day celebration also includes a large festival in nearby Anacapri to honor the town’s patron saint. Basically, the island comes to life from a cultural point of view from the month of April until late summer, when nearly every evening concerts are organized in the squares or in the splendid villas built by Tiberius. In addition to painting and sculpture exhibitions, plays and dance performances are found here and there.


When traveling Capri, tourists must take some precautions. Cacti, prickly pears, bees, and steep slopes and ledges are of primary concern on some trails. Otherwise, hiking on Capri’s trails is normally quite safe. Finally, be careful when walking down paths around the villas alone, because many of the inhabitants of the villas keep large dogs, which may roam freely along public pathways. These dogs are not friendly to foreigners or visitors to the island.


The annual events in Capri make your journey even more memorable and special. Capri is truly a wonderful destination that attracts tourists of all nationalities!


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