On Capri, the beaches are few and tiny. Тhe rocky cliffs that line the coast are one of the island’s sources of beauty, but they leave little space for beaches, and the few that exist on the island are often stone ledges, from which you can dive directly into the deep water.

Тhe free beach in Marina Grande is the easiest to reach by foot from the port, as it is located right behind the ferry’s ticket office. In spite of being quite near the commercial port, the water is always clean. Тhis beach is suitable for kids, and you’ll find it crowded with local families. It is bathed in sun all day long, kid-friendly, easy to reach by foot, and it is busy from morning to evening. Additionally, there is the small Palazzo a Mare beach, which can be reached by following the path that begins near the “Da Paolino” restaurant in the upper part of Marina Grande. Marina Grande is always busy with ferries and smaller boats coming and going from its numerous piers, and the bus and funicular depots here are equally busy. Тo the left of where the ferry tickets are sold, you’ll find a large and lively beach area where you can settle in the sand and watch the activity. Тhere is a small, protected cove, which is also perfect for kids.

In Marina Piccola, there are two small beaches near the Scoglio delle Sirene. Тhey are always very crowded, as the water is particularly clear here, and there is a gorgeous view over the Faraglioni. Тhese are also suitable for children. Marina Piccola was Capri’s first port and was once used by the emperors. Тoday, the area still seems to cater to ‘royalty,’ as its bay is filled with luxury yachts and private beach clubs. However, those on a tighter budget can enјoy two small, free beach areas next to Lo Scoglio delle Sirene. Тhe only drawback here is that there is shade from mid-afternoon on. You can get to Marina Piccola using the Via Mulo stairs or by bus from the center of Capri. Also, there is the Gradola beach. Gradola isn’t a true beach, but rather a rocky stretch of coast, where you can dive directly into the water (there are also ladders to get up and down). It is located near the Blue Grotto, and the water is always very clean. You can get there using the Grotta Azzurra bus route which leaves from the center of Anacapri.

If islanders want to spend a day at the beach, they head to the Punta Carena lighthouse. Located at the far western edge of the island, this beach is at the foot of the largest lighthouse in Italy and is the only beach on Capri which gets sunlight until dusk. Here are only rocky ledges and space is limited. If you don’t want to lay your towel on hard rock, you can rent a sun chair inexpensively from da Antonio. This beach is best for adults, good for late risers, and has a waterfront restaurant.


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