Highlights of Capri

Capri, a small Italian town located about 5 kilometers from mainland Italy, is said to be the most visited tourist site in all of Italy with a record of over 2 million annual tourists from all over the world. Its flawless beauty has been described by great writers in poems and books, making it all the more interesting and a perfect place to spend a vacation.

Some of the places of interest in Capri are:

Blue Grotto:

This is a small cave situated on the western coast of the island. With its tiny opening to the sea, the inside of the cave offers the most breathtaking views you’ll ever see. Due to the unique architecture of the cave, sunrays hitting the seawater around the opening refract, lighting up the cave in the most beautiful way you’ll ever see. While vacationing in Capri, make sure you take a boat ride into this sea cave and lose yourself into its deep blue waters, which will leave you awestruck.

Monte Solaro:

This is the highest point in Capri. Enjoy the amazing view of the entire island and feel the delight of moving up and down movements during your ascent.

The Capri beaches:

Capri is known for its beaches and coastal areas. You can enjoy many activities here, such as kayaking, trekking, and other water sports. Marina Picola is a pretty beach located on the southern side of the island of Capri. The lovely weather and clear sea will make you dance with joy. Walk to Villa Krupp to feel the adventure of scrambling down along the rocks.

Villa Jovis:

This is a palace that belonged to Emperor Tiberius. The palace was built in the 15th century and is one of the best examples of Roman and Gothic architecture. There are several other attractions, such as the Church of Santa Maria del Soccorso and the Cave of Tiberius, located close to the villa, which deserves a visit as well.

Villa San Michele:

This sea-facing hotel was built in the 20th century by a Swedish physician and author named Axel Munthe. Situated in Anacapri, the gardens of this majestic villa provide spectacular panoramic views of the town of Capri, the Sorrentine Peninsula, and other surrounding areas.

The Church of San Michele Arc Angelo:

This church, located in Anacapri, is a must for anyone seeking to visit the island. This giant structure has a number of spectacular paintings on its walls and ceilings. There are wooden planks on all the sides, which you must walk on in accordance with an old local tradition. The floor of the church is adorned with amazing mosaic tile work depicting the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise, which is believed to have been made by Leonardo Da Vinci.


This square, located in the center of the island of Capri, is the heart of this destination. This spot is always crowded with visitors, who enjoy watching the different sights while relaxing in the surrounding cafes and bars. It is also known for its vibrant nightlife, so grab a seat and spend a lovely evening here.


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