Shopping on Capri – Best Shopping on an Island

If you want to find the best shopping on an Island, shopping on Capri will be the best choice for you. This is a fact known by almost every tourist in the world, and it is true that Capri is heaven for shoppers. If you are a shopper who plans a trip to Capri without bringing spending money, this will be sweet torture for you.

 The Capri fashion world

Legend says that Capri is an Island where the seducing song of the magical creatures, the Sirens, used to allure the seamen into a shipwreck. You may not see them anymore, but they are still alive in the Capri fashion shop windows! Believe us, we have heard their alluring song… Praaaaaada-da-da, Guuuuucci-chi-chi, Puuuuucci-cci-cci…

The two streets that contain the most alluring shopping shipwreck in the world are Via Vittorio Emanuelle and the popular Via Camerelle.

The Capri jewelry world

Italy was crowded every summer during the 1950s, as a large number of Hollywood stars, trendsetters and royals used to visit Island. Caprese Jewelry would attract them by offering a real Capri shopping experience and something special to take home. One of the first Caprese jewelry stores to serve high-end clientele was founded by Pietro Capuano, son of a Neapolitan jeweler. Capuano was a peculiar bonvivant affectionately known as Chantecler (the French word for rooster), because he used to show up on the Piazzetta wearing bright red pants.

He founded a jewelry store in 1947 and named it Chantecler, partnering with Salvatore Aprea, a young man from Capri with a great passion for precious jewels. The rest is history… some of their most faithful customers were Jackie Onassis, Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman and other notables.

A large number of politicians, royals, businessmen, artists, and socialites have knocked on the door of Chantecler to see the latest collections become part of their shopping in Capri. Recently, Chantecler makes it possible for every tourist to take home a little Capri magic, such as a little bell inspired by the legend of Saint Michael. The little bells are made in different sizes and colors with or without diamonds. Surely, you will find one to help you to reflect your personality.

The Capri perfume world

After satisfying your hunger for things, you may want to douse yourself in Capri perfumes. But wouldn’t you want to know the story of how the production of natural Capri perfumes started? This is the story: In the 14th century, Queen Giovanna D’Angio suddenly came to visit the Island and its Carthusian monastery, which was built by her financial support. The father prior of the monastery collected the most beautiful flowers of the Island to welcome such an important guest. The water in the flower vase was not changed for three days. After throwing away the water, he noticed that the water had acquired a fragrance unknown to him. He asked the father Alchemist to trace the exact origin of the fragrance. This is how the flower water became the first perfume from Capri.

Capri sandals and pants

Capri leather sandals and pants are other essential items that every tourist will want to purchase. Capri three-quarter-length pants were invented at the end of the 1940s.


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