Things to Do on Capri

Capri is located in the Mediterranean Sea and is just four miles long and two miles wide.  Its beautiful mountains look like they are rising straight out of the sea. When visiting Capri, you can tour the island all over via a network of buses, taxis, and funiculars, so you really don’t need a car of your own.

Tour the Villas

Apart from its poetic scenery and enchanting ambience, Capri is also known for its rich history, its numerous historic sites, and the beautiful villas all over the island. While vacationing on the island, you should definitely take some time to visit a few, if not all, of them. Villa Jovis, which used to belong to the Emperor Tiberius during his reign over Rome, is a very popular tourist site. Another good place to visit is the breathtakingly beautiful Villa San Michele, which was built in the 20th century by the Swedish author Axel Munthe.

Make sure to visit the Grotta Azzura known in English as the Blue Grotto

You’ve probably heard many beautiful descriptions and seen countless gorgeous clips of the Grotta Azzura, but nothing compares to a first-hand experience of the magical beauty of this natural 25-meter wide and 60-meter long cave. It is probably the most famous sight on all of Capri, and millions of visitors from all around the world come to access the cave and experience a few unforgettable moments in this fairytale-like environment. Due to the unique architecture of the cave, the inside is lit up by sun’s rays reflecting off the clear blue water at the entrance, creating the most exquisite scenery you’ve ever seen. The cave is only accessible during low tide, as the entrance to the cave is usually submerged whenever the tide is high. Be sure to plan accordingly when visiting Capri, so you don’t miss out on this wondrous experience.

And don’t forget to take a dip while on the island

Because there are only a few sandy beaches on Capri, the best swimming option is often the hotel pool. However, if you just love the sea and aren’t much of a pool swimmer – especially while visiting this incredible island surrounded by deep clear blue seas – then the Bagni Nettuno near the Blue Grotto will definetly fit your needs, even though using towels, deck chairs, cabanas and other beachside amenities does cost a bit. Bagni di Tiberio is another location well suited for swimming. For many, swimming in Capri is an experience they never forget.

Book ahead or be stranded

Like every vacation you embark on, proper planning is essential – especially if you are going to be spending more than one day. Due to the high number of tourists every year on Capri, you may be left without a proper accommodation if you arrive without a prior reservation. You can book your hotel through a travel agent or through the Internet.


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